tirsdag den 5. juli 2011

The Monkey King

A quick sketch of Sun Wukong also known as the Monkey King. The Monkey king is a character from the old chinese novel "Journey to the West". I only know him from 1965 movie "Havoc in heaven. Which i used to rewach endlessly on the vcr as a kid.
It is done with pencil on paper with digital colors

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  1. There was also a japanese tv series (live action)that used to be on when I was a kid. Everyone would run home to watch it and then come back out to play afterwards, repeating the fight scenes we had just watched!
    I'm not sure if posting a link in a comment works but I'll try...

  2. I did not know about that japaneese show. I have to see that show sometime. In Denmark they showed the old animated movie from the 60's.