onsdag den 27. juli 2011


A sketch from the neighborhood where we stayed in Beijing.

Hutongs are the old narrow alleys of old Beijing. This city was planed out in the 13'th century, under the rule of Kublai Kahn. Many of the old hutongs have dissapeard making way for highrises, but there are still a lot of the old barrios that remain unchanged in Beijing. This is a view of the Dongsi hutong.

tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

Temple of Heaven Park

Back from Beijing. Heres a page from the sketchbook done in the Temple of Heaven Park in Beijing.

lørdag den 23. juli 2011

32nd Sketchcrawl in Christiania

For the 32nd Sketchcrawl we went to  Christiania, Copenhagen. the weather was a bit rainy so we ended up staying at "Månefiskeren" for most of the day. Anyways here is three pages from my sketchbook.

more drawings from the sketchcrawl at Copenhagen Sketcrawl Headquarters
or at the worldwide Sketchcrawl page.

tirsdag den 5. juli 2011

The Monkey King

A quick sketch of Sun Wukong also known as the Monkey King. The Monkey king is a character from the old chinese novel "Journey to the West". I only know him from 1965 movie "Havoc in heaven. Which i used to rewach endlessly on the vcr as a kid.
It is done with pencil on paper with digital colors

mandag den 4. juli 2011

This is just silly

Long time no update. This is just a silly drawing of a guy with an umbrella and a lolypop?!? Done on paper with a inkbrush. Colored digitaly.