tirsdag den 8. december 2015

Mark It Zero

A warm up sketch, that went a bit further than it was ment to. Walter Sobchak caricature.

onsdag den 30. juli 2014

Familien Hakkebøf

A quick preliminar lineup of characters for a project. I put some quick colors on it for the blog. In the end the style of the project changed and these where not used. 

onsdag den 16. juli 2014

Sketchcrawl 44

Nikolaj Plads
Vor Frues Kirke
Jazzband i Fiolstræde
Vor Frue Plads, hvor teatergruppen Dansk Rakkerpak var ved at gøre klar til en forestilling.

Drawings from Copenhagen Sketchcrawl no 44

søndag den 1. juni 2014

Old Chinese Man

Long time no posting. Here a quick warmup sketch. It was done frome some random stock photo that popped up in a google image search